The Originality Of Creativity:11 Ways To Stay Creative

Most of us want what we want and want them now. But we give so little attention to brooding upon the relevant actions that should follow the exciting reactions from lessons we’re learning from teachers and books.

“Creativity is a work of the mind. And is the precursor to every great invention.

The responsibility involved in the creation of what we want won’t be paid by anyone else; unless the drab idea of servitude continues to persist in the mind.

Creativity lies in the heart of every man and it takes a thinking man – the lone man – to explore them.

Meeting with birds in the woods to create an exceptional invention is outlandish. But it didn’t stop Orville and Wilbur Wright. It was the nutter-est idea that brought out a grand discovery that continues to live on.

It didn’t take a sane man to know a fight for freedom in an apartheid-infested country negated sanity and called for death. But Mandela held in. And bagged a couple years in jail. Freedom was eventually created, right?

“The permission to will is available to everyone. But it takes someone with a stronger will to create.”

Responsibility cum creativity breeds awesome results that catapult any organisation or individual to greater heights. And if the processes involved in being creative are learned, perhaps, few will be liberated from the soil of mediocrity.

I’m excited about creativity and believe strongly in the ease of living it expels on the society. Want to learn all it takes? Here goes:

1. Think change.

Call it paradigm shift and you’ll be right. It’s an “about-turn” act of rising from dreaming to creating. I’m particularly fascinated by the story of Russell Blake and how he created twenty-two books in eighteen months. Change is an encounter that releases a permanent fire into anyone and it bothers on rethink. You simply do not talk about wanting to become a writer but go ahead to act like it. Change is a decision (followed by action) to launch your dream regardless who accepts you or not. Change demands effort. It’s a deliberate attempt at doing what you may hate to do but is needful to do to get the art created.

2. Banish Indecision.

Decide what you’re going to do and do it. Dilly-dallying gives no room for quick decision making. And imagine that you’ve got a truck zooming towards your path right now, what would you do?…I thought as much. Creativity takes the same effort: readiness to make ‘on-the-spur-of-the-moment’ decisions and flexibility to manage them.

3. Love Aloneness.

The great inventions were made in the shadows. While some men bask in the night time, working their socks off to create, some loafed. And here’s one of the challenges that face creatives: aloneless. In wanting to create what’s different, you’ll find that not all will accept your ‘insanity’. You’ve got to love it, and stay through.

4. Explore opportunities.

While I’m thrilled by the chance to speak publicly, I often would withdraw when opportunities to do so come. But not anymore. I see that creatives would be left behind while they wait for opportunities to come their way. It pays then to rather rise and throw yourself into avenues that you would rather shy away from. Here’s the point: want to create a business that’ll grow, seek opportunities to help another or start one. Writers shouldn’t be scared of Contests. And don’t be afraid to pitch it out there that you’ve got expertise in a field. When Lex Brown wanted to be a radio DJ, he started out deliberately as a cleaner at the station, while observing the Radio DJ. The night the DJ was out sick, Lex was a ready option. And he did just good enough to be taken as the new DJ.

5. Incite Curiosity.

The hypes that turn most adults off about kids is their curiosity. They never stop asking questions and would rarely lay off till they’ve got answers to them. Is it a wonder then that they begin to do what’s spectacular? You’ve got to be on your toes to be creative. I read Seth Godin, Jeff Goins, Ofilispeaks, Copyblogger, and a couple others and ask myself: What makes these guys different? How can I do better or if not, write exactly like them? Those questions challenge me to get to work producing not only better contents but throwing myself into the business of writing itself.

6. Employ Transparency.

We don’t all have it figured out. In a world where there are numerous choices to pick from, it pays to be transparent. And transparency, while some get the notion that it exposes your vulnerability, rather heals your weaknesses. It’s dishonest to yourself and your audience to think and portray that you’re flawless. Audience will rather trust a failure who’s sincere than a weakling who makes himself out as an icon.

7. Follow Trails.

That’s what transparency is all about; realizing who’s done what and garnering all that can be learned from them. We’ve all got our ‘favourites’ and if they impact us that much, then we might as well start to follow their trail. I love the works of Matthew Reilly. And I learn from him (and several others) then follow their trail. Creativity spells easy that way.

8. Challenge Yourself.

Read this fab: A celeb was stopped by a fifteen year old fan and asked what to do be like her. The celeb responded, “Just go ahead to do what you ordinarily wouldn’t do.” I made a decision during my last birthday: to do what I would never have done, to push beyond my limit. I decided I’d write two 1500 posts every month, well-researched and rated quality. I dazed myself when in the first week I’d written more than two drafts. And they were well-researched and ranked as quality. You create by hurling yourself against the wall (one of the crazy things creatives do), believing it’ll shift for you. You’ll be surprised it will.

N.B: When JFK announced that before the decade ended, man’s feet must land on the moon, I would’ve peppered him with rotten eggs if I’d been close to him then. But it happened, didn’t it?

9. Develop Hard Ears.

Tenacity. That’s all hard ears’ all about. Be willing to keep at it till it looks exactly like it.’ It’s like faking it to make it. It’s not listening to self-doubt. Uh, no. Tenacity is a stronger force built upon dedication, determination and an unshakable drive to pull through. That’s hard ears. It worked for others, is working for creatives, for me, it can work for you.

10. Love The Process.

Creativity is a process. It’s not a matter of what you do now to get an instant result. It’s often a result of a patient waiting after diligent work.

11. Create, Anyway.

Got self-doubts? Think you’re too new to start? You’ve got slow traffic coming to your blog? The painting isn’t coming out fine? Hold on just a little longer. Then…keep creating anyway. The best of us isn’t revealed in the time that all works smoothly, but when the roads are rough, and the valleys are crooked, and you still plunge ahead, that’s resilience. That’s the life of a creative.

The world’s shifting at the speed of thought from consuming to more creativity. And, thanks to the internet, a wider gap is being created between the relaxed and the diligent, the indigent and the affluent, the brainless and the smarts. I call it ‘The Two Extremes’.

It’s a call for more creatives. Where ever you are, whatever field you find yourself, here’s the point: create.

How do you intend to use these points? What are the limitations you’re faced with and how do you plan on overcoming them? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.


Yusuff Busayo is a Writer, Blogger, Enterpreneur, and Speaker who’s got unflinching love for books and book-making. Here, I blog about Writing, Creativity, and Making Impact.


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