Why You Need To Take Your Writing Seriously

As I begin to write this post, I am mindful of the times when I’d lingered on writing consistently and enough to be able to complete projects. Those times were wearied by promises to write daily. And as the need to fulfill the promises came, so also came the excuses for not carrying them out. And often, they were seemingly genuine.

And yet they produced nothing.

“Doesn’t matter the excuses you make for not doing what you ought, the work still remains undone!”

In life, as we all strive to be what we’re made to be, there would be reasons to look back, excuses to give to not live out our dreams. But the smarts know, it’s doing what needs to be done, while ditching excuses, that keeps a dream alive.

Ever read about the cat? It’s a persistent feline that, once it sights a rat, would never leave it be until it has the rat in its grasp.

When the MacDonald brothers were required to pack up and leave, they had the grand excuse to do so. They’d failed too much. But they also knew it wouldn’t make their dream of a global eatery bud.

It’s the same with writing.

The art of writing seriously, I have found, is what equates with sharpening the sword for better chopping, honing the skill. Plus, if the craft is worth being taken entrepreneurially, then in the same way it should be treated so.

We All Have A Story To Tell

However way we choose to see it, there are more lives willing to live rather than die. But as they’re mauled by the myriad trials that the life bestows uninvitedly on them, they seek desperately for ways out. And if suicide seems the best option, albeit horrible, most opt for it.

Writers are not permitted to give false details about a horrid event. Just like it isn’t wise to say that there are no grey moments in the world. Writers do more than tell a story.

They change lives.

With each word that appears on the screen and the dot that closes a book or a post, it is essential to note that more important is the positive impact the works make than the gains that come thereafter.

Writers have the obligation to write seriously because they’re obligated to save more lives than they know of.

All That Writing Is About: Hope

In the same way that we save lives through medicines and medical services, writers go ahead to spread their reach through to the world (thanks to the internet) and more broken-hearted, underprivileged, beaten-down, can read, digest and leap for hope.

Hope can be wrapped in words. Hope can liberate even if it’s a daily dosage of a five-line article. There are so much hope in words.

So why wouldn’t a writer take his writing serious?

A dream that is lived out engenders lazy dreamers to leap on their feet and get to living too.

Dreams bring hope. And hope stretches the resistance limit of every man. Writers can build hope through the craft. While each creative bask in the world of working out their dreams, hope becomes clearer and more people are drawn to it.

Where The Details Fall

Here’re my reasons for writing:

•I write to live
•I write to make a mark; touching lives and influencing many, positively
•I write to live good works on the sands of time.

Where is the place of money, you ask?

Here’s what gives:

When our best works are done for the sake of service and in utmost sincerity, all that follows is a sincere audience that willingly gives themselves to giving back to you in return.

So, a quality book or article or a compassionate giving that intends to live an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience will in the same way propel the audience to grab at the sales offered by the writer/author.

The Truth In Basics

Basically, you must write seriously:
•To grow your skill
•Because you owe it not only to yourself to do so, but to those audience who’ve come to rely on your words.
•To be prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead.
•Because words have power and potentials, and when delayed from getting done, the potency is doused.

Do you write seriously? How do you plan on writing seriously from henceforth? Share your comments below.


Yusuff Busayo is a Writer, Blogger, Enterpreneur, and Speaker who’s got unflinching love for books and book-making. Here, I blog about Writing, Creativity, and Making Impact.

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