The Haughtiness of Excuses

There’s been blackout for four days now in my compound, owing to two fallen electric poles. That sure bugs me because my desk is piled with projects requiring electricity to finish. Plus I’ve got deadlines, most of which are due this week.

The last couple days have had me getting out of the house to charge my laptops (generator is a poor option in my compound). Yes, it’s been stressful and annoying. And occasionally, I’ve had the urge to lay back in my room and simply do nothing. Just marry my excuse anyway.

Nevertheless, the bills keep running. The deadlines draw near. And clients will soon begin to call for their jobs.

“Life throws at us what we often are unpreprared for. But making the most of every odd remains the best decision.”

The best in us isn’t revealed when the roads we ply are smooth and we’re sailing free. Pretense can carry on in a seemingly perfect situation. But when the odds are against us, a deeper YOU shows forth; one willing to give up or to press on. One that says ‘I never planned for this. I’m quitting’ or ‘okay, it’s happened. What’s the way forward?”

Rough spots begin to show as hurdles arise along the way to achieving your dream. And there are two choices to choose from:

1. Stick with your excuses and quit OR
2. Figure a way out and press on.

For it isn’t unfair what life brings our way, it’s just unfair that one expects too many better days. Because truly, such days exist only in Utopia.

Excuse-giving, though duly substantiated, spurs you to avoid responsibilities. And dedication, determination, and drive are key to ‘getting you there’.

What’s your excuse for not starting? Leave your comments below.


Yusuff Busayo is a Writer, Blogger, Enterpreneur, and Speaker who’s got unflinching love for books and book-making. Here, I blog about Writing, Creativity, and Making Impact.


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