3 Delicious Ways To Rule Through Creativity – Plus A Bonus

So you’re a creative.

And it bores you to know that you’re being left out or that your voice isn’t heard. You feel you’re being shoved behind the pack while the ‘pros’ continue to lead.

In spite of your creativity, your ability to weave beautiful stories with words, you aren’t ruling.

Ruling, in this sense, implies that you aren’t getting enough from being creative.

    •Enough accolades/hypes.
    •Enough gigs/readership.
    •Enough comments and compliments.
    •Enough of everything that makes you feel enough.

Take these three suggestions for help:


It’s assuming you don’t have one. A platform is the ‘pedestal’ to put you up and above for people to see you and what you do. How can people find you and know what you do as to call for you or hire you? Do you have a writer’s website? If you hang in the shadows and expect your creativity to be appreciated, it’s your fault that it isn’t. In starting a platform, I suggest a blog. It’s a grand avenue to network, brand, and sell your creativity.

If your creativity doesn’t have a platform, then it’s no wonder why you aren’t ruling.

Art meddles with everything in life and is interesting and beautiful because it demands creativity.

And that’s what you’ve got: a creative mind.

It shouldn’t be shelved. Start building your platform today.

N.B: Truth is: you can sell virtually anything on net these days. Here’s a good help.


If you do have a platform but nothing’s working, consider tuning it up. Have you considered a new design? Good designs attract readers. And keep the design simple, or you’ll simply scare more readers away than you know it. On this blog, I use the Suit theme. It’s a free theme, and I love it for its simplicity. Additionally, try to keep your posts clear and short, using a straight-to-the-point approach. As a poet, I’m often tempted to write my works in such a way that they’ll be overly laced with poetry so readers will barely get the point. I changed when I realized the implication.


There’re a million and one writers/bloggers/musicians/painters/etc out there, how do you intend to stand out to be heard? If you plan on starting a blog on writing, perhaps you’ll write your headlines and points backwards as in these examples:

    •How to never make it as a blogger.
    •How to bore your audience.
    •Why you must stop writing well.
    •Reasons why you’ll continue to fail at writing.
    •How to never finish the book you started.

Dumb examples, but they’ll incite curiosity in your audience. And you’ll simply be known for telling the truth backwards. Plus if you deliver well on quality contents, you’ve just kicked the jack off the pot.

Find out how you’ll be different, research on it and become an expert there. If you’ve got the answers in a specific field, audience will keel over to have you attend to them. And that’s better, isn’t it? That’s ruling.


If you often write in a rough voice and it has garnered lots of traffic, don’t vary it. That’s what ruling is all about. If your books are known to be barraged with call-to-actions, don’t slow down on it. Keep ruling there too. Soon as the emails start pouring from readers about how your works are inspiring them, focus on the writing ‘tempo’ that brought that about and don’t hush on it. Point is: People will expect you to be you. And the moment you stop being that way, you stop ruling. And they start checking out.

How do you rule through creativity? Share your comments below.


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