Permission To Be Yourself

We often get lied to.

We believe a lie that pops into our heads in form of idea or a subtle thought form. We’re soon to stick with it because it’s a comfortable lie that soothes our proverbial backbone.

It’s a lie that eats the creative up, making him live below what he’s called to do.

And it’s funny that the lie comes from within us.

What’s that lie?

It’s one that says to us to wait for permission to get the audience.

In an age of innumerable distractions, we’re often tempted to think there are people waiting for us.

Actually, there are.

But they just aren’t expecting it to be us. And they do not know us. So, they aren’t going to give permission to anyone they aren’t expecting.

Catch the drift?

It’s the lie we tell ourselves that we must get onstage before our best works must be seen. That’s the only way our voice can be heard, and we can be considered to have achieved.

I say no to that.

    No One Will Give You Permission

You’ve got to take the permission you need to create the life of your dream. And the most important of all the permissions is the one to be yourself.

Back in the college, I was a book-loving fella with no brain for calculations. While other classmates jostled to score the highest mark, I was interested in just…passing.

I was witless at maths.

I sat around with books in my hands (novels, most of the time). I had other dreams in my head. Civil Engineering didn’t fit into any, though I was there. I wanted permission to be who I was.

I wanted out of the gulag I had placed myself.

I found ‘out’ and jumped for it.

No one cares that you’ve got dreams in your head. Unless you take the effort to get them out deliberately, no permission awaits you. [Tweet that]

And you’ve got to stay true to yourself. To who you are, regardless of the Resistance, the critics, and the crowd.

    Ignoring The Siren In Your Head

There’s a voice in your head. It says, “It’s not time yet. I’ve got to have the attention, my talent shouldn’t be on display now. It won’t work just yet.”

The voice that says to wait when it’s time to get a move on is a liar. It’s conniving with the Resistance and will stall you from creating.

No one created that never had a bad gut-feeling he had to ignore.

Not the greatest heroes. Not the best writers. Not Chimamanda Adichie, or Abraham Oshoko, or Teju Cole, or Ofilispeaks.

They’ve all got something in common: the so-called ‘bull-dog’ blood.

That tenacity that tells them to ignore the famous Nigeria cliche that: Nigerians don’t read.

A cliche that’s tantamount to saying we don’t create.

Will you resist the urge to hold back? Are you going to brace yourself and go ahead to create, regardless of that voice in your head?

The permission to be who we really frolics in everybody’s court. We take it or it goes away.

It’s a cowardly way to live when:

•You take a pause on creating your art
•Wait to get approval before you go on
•Seek for the audience to give you platform before you create

    Here’s how to begin to really live…

Stopping asking for permission. Go ahead and begin to live the life you’re made to live. Begin to live it one at a time. And start today!

The excuse of every creative is constantly that of fear of failure or not being accepted. That’s a good enough excuse that serves ducks! It’s holds no water.

Real impact makers get on with it and tenaciously stick to achieving their intents.

That’s what makes them remembered.

That’s what makes society forever indebted to them.

How do you intend taking permission to be yourself? What’s stopping you from really living out your dream to create? Share your comments below.

Yusuff Busayo is a Writer, Entrepreneur, Speaker who loves books and book-making. Here, I blog about writing, creativity, and making impact.

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