The Art of Writing Deliberately

In the words of a true writer….

….Have fun writing

    …then take a dive.

This post enjoins young writers to start living their dream of writing and making books already. There will never be a better time to start creating. And tomorrow isn’t just going to be ‘better’ if today’s wasted on waiting for permission.

The digital age coupled with the myriad opportunities for marketing and research offered by the internet permit more rooms for great authors to mount the platform.

And just in the same way, you stand the chance.

The chance to let your message be heard. To let your emotions, thoughts, and expertise be webbed into your writings and write hope to a hungry world.

Regardless of the number of writers, you’re still needed. And your tribe needs you more.

In a world where all seems unstable, and hope seems frail, more impact-makers, who may not necessarily leave the shores of his country, but can travel far through their message, are just too needed.

“Our world has learned so much cries of war it cannot believe the possibility of peace.” (Tweet that)

And peace can be preached, heralded and carefully promulgated around the globe, by you.

      You’re a writer!

Start today to live that dream. And quit worrying about that fear. Every writer, great or small, pro or not, has got their own fears. And the basic fear of all writers, which pros skillfully combat early in their writing career, is the fear of actually writing.

It won’t eat you to write.

I blamed my inability to complete novel projects on external circumstances without considering the truth that really faced me: I was my own problem. I hadn’t started taking writing seriously.

And so I skipped making excuses. I did the work. Because I discovered I had to stopping waiting for permission.

And you’ve got to start writing seriously too.


But I’ve also found what works when you’re just starting out: Have a regular writing time. A time when you report to your writing desk, whether you’ve got something to write or not.

Then sit at that desk and crank out words. Get them out even when they don’t form. Practice freewriting as often as possible.

The art of freewriting helps free your thoughts and teaches you to be independent of inspiration.

Do you think you’re totally blocked? Freewrite.

No matter what you do, respect the craft and write!

The voice of hope is often shrouded not in the best of spoken words, which is said now and forgotten soon, but in the pages of books. Words can be forgotten but books don’t ever die. They live on.

And if they preach hope and tell how to harness it, then books will do good to salvage the crumbling society.


Touch a life, inspire a heart, give hope. ‘How,’ you ask?

By getting down to creating the art you love.

Write as if your life depends on it.

Because of a truth, it does!

But if you think it doesn’t, why not leave me your comments below.

Hi. I’m Yusuff Busayo, a Writer, Book-craze, Speaker (among other stuffs). I inspire people to Write, Create and Make Impact. Check out my about page for details about this blog. Or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+


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