Are You Giving Hope?

Writers, and creatives alike, have got a great purpose to fulfill.

They’ve got to give hope.

Hope can be found in unlikely places. As in the slum and marginalised communities of poor nations. Or the depressed soul seeking answers to life’s troubling questions.

We’ve got the responsibility to share our stories, let them tell themselves and teach hope to the audience.

“Writers have got to learn the strength of the pen. The weakest pen can, in a big way, douse the fire of depression. Or calm the rage of war. It can do more than this.”

Writing, serious writing, can give hope.

    Locating Hope In Our Purpose

Occasionally, we feel so bummed we can’t seem to crank out the right words on the screen. But as we turn the pages of life over, putting into consideration the message that must be heard, how much our audience (and the world) deserve to hear the message, we draw from the well of purpose for which we started to create the art in the first place.

And the purpose, if built around solving problems sincerely, soon permits the lines to start to spill out. Not in the pace that we expect them to, most times. But gently, gradually, the feeling of compassion, borne by true purpose, gives strength to our mind. Then hope begins to spill on the page. Why?

Because, from the start, the ‘why’ of the art had been defined. It wasn’t built upon the need to exploit – a method which soon dies sooner in the wake of challenges. But it’s from answering the call to meet a need; to give hope.

And hope is what our message should be about. That’s what gets the audience to listen. That’s what stills the rage of the Resistance, break through the voice of fear and preach peace to the hopeless.

    The Best Work Ever: One That Cost You Something

The best work is one that cost you something.

A story should answer a need, not create more problems. It should solve more of life’s numerous challenges. Not create more.

Writers should slay the dragon of doubts. They should want to put off the slew of confusion that deluges the world. The pen, though not strong, bears in its belly the ink of hope. Each dot should spell out the reason why the each person came to be. It should bother itself with linking a man’s life with his purpose. That’s where hope lies.

Regardless of the ills that stalk our lives, we still yearn for the unseen future. And while it remains unseen, hope gives us a glimpse of what it may look like. It’s that which produces the will to carry through when all seems against us.

And if writers, servants as we are, stick to doing our jobs, we find the hope message spreads across faster than we thought.

      Drawing The Line

Hope can be found in the poorest places, in unlikely towns. It can be found in a smile. But it still must be told.

When you give hope, hope spreads through the one means you think irrelevant, then to many others.

Perhaps you’re excited and would like to take a step. Start here:

1. Refer to finding your ‘why’. Why did you ever choose writing? To get your message heard or exploit (mind you, this frustrates faster than you think)? Get clear on your purpose. If it was ever to joke, the craft sure leaves no room for that. In discovering your ‘why’, it drives your work and tells you what message to share, even in blocked times.

2. Take action. Start today to live purposefully. You talked about making a living writing and teaching others to do so. It’s quite late to start if you push till tomorrow. Each moment lived purposefully spells hope for another. Once started, hope spreads.

3. Resolve to give your best. Stay true to what you say you’re sold out for. Tell your stories exactly the way they are, clearly, without exaggeration (as some do). Challenge yourself to give more than you’re giving now. It’s like someone said, “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”

4. Answer your call. Write and keep writing. Don’t stop on it and don’t quit. Keep shipping. Take the road that leads you to becoming all you planned on being. The creative knows it’s continually showing up that forms into building more beautiful arts. Learn all you can, keep seeking feedbacks, and never stop giving hope.

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What does giving hope mean to you? Share your comments below.


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