Why Finding Your ‘Why’ Impacts Your Writing

I initially titled this post: Why I Didn’t Write Tonight.

I brought out my phone tonight, ready to read through few blog posts before cranking out my words for the daily 500-words goal. I was on the twelfth (or so) post and hadn’t written a thing.

I hadn’t been struck by an ‘idea’ for a post.

That I always waited for (usually, when I’m not writing deliberately). And it never fails to come after I’d read two posts (max).

I concluded tonight that I wasn’t going to write.

But it wasn’t leaving me easily. Something was up. I just had to write. But I felt bummed, and too tired to even brainstorm.

So I penned this:

We’ve all got passion for something, right? That tiny whinny thing that tugs at our heart each time we attempt something we love (it could be grubbing candies or playing video games). Regardless, passion is what sets us off when folks try to take us away from what we’re doing, that we love. It is actually stronger than what we use it for.

Passion can be used to build arts that last.

      What I Did Tonight

I tried to find my voice tonight, and got lost in the middle of too many activities. But as I stopped to read a couple blog posts of others, I found I was asking myself: What happens for real on days when you feel like this? Are you really going to write or ditch it? And if this lasts for more than two days, what would you do? Not write?

One thing I knew I couldn’t do. I couldn’t not write.

So the answer came:

      Why do you write?

Writers have got to ask that question if they hope to create arts that will last, and be effective. If you aim to always filter the voice of doubt, and shake out unbelief about the writing craft, then you’ve got to return to the drawing board.

You’ve got to find your ‘why’.

It’s for this reason that most writers take on an idea tried by another and it doesn’t work for them. It’s for the same reason some writers quit blogging and then quit writing altogether. They never had their ‘why’ defined. So, they couldn’t wade through the tide.

Here’s what gives:

To build a beautiful writing experience that will, perhaps, fetch you the fulfillment and luxuries (smile) you desire, you’ve got to discover your ‘why’. And your ‘why’ will most definitely help you locate your passion.

Where do you begin?

Begin by asking these questions:

Why am I doing this? If you’re doing this for the wrong reason (for accolades, awards, recognition, fame, etc), it’s no wonder you aren’t writing for real you’ll always get the wrong results (apprehension, disillusionment, uneasiness, uncertainty, etc).
Who are my audience? They’ve got to be your tribe, people who know your message and can relate with it.
How does my message benefit them? You must ask yourself what problem your message solves. This will determine the kind of tribe you’ll build; the people who will listen to you.
What do they care about? People have got issues, and they want someone who cares about them enough to share (at least) with. If you prove you’re worthy of their trust, they just might give you the attention you need.
How do I create what they care about and still retain my voice, message and focus? This is where your strategy for building your message comes in. But in doing this, it’s reminder that you do not deviate from what brought them to you: your message.

You’ve got to remain unshifted in pursuing the life that leads you to committing to a worthy task. And while you’ll have hitches, a discovery of purpose and defining your passion will keep you on track. So you don’t miss a couple readers that skip your email list. Of course you find out what went wrong, but you don’t stop your cause at that door.

You let your passion push you on. Writers, and all creatives, can begin to live a worthy life, writing for real, if they’ll start here: finding their ‘why’ and locating passion for the craft.

*Photo Credit: Voxmagazine

Are you passionate about this craft? Would you go to the length of finding your ‘why’ just to make it work? Please, share your comments below. Your comments matter a lot!

Hi. I’m Yusuff Busayo, a Writer, Book-craze, Speaker (among other stuffs). I inspire people to Write, Create and Make Impact. Check out my about page for details about this blog. Or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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  1. It true that am afraid. Am quite sure that whenever I get my pen, I will get some thing down. As something is telling me that am not ready, another thing is givin me ‘go ahead’. I love writing but I couldn’t bring myself to write when am not told to.
    Thanks for reading this


    1. I quite understand that ‘feeling’, Muibat. Here’s what you’ve got to do: don’t aim to write a lot. But write frequently. Meaning, scribble something especially when you don’t feel like. Plus, if you have a phone, it’s a great way to keep a journal. Don’t forget: don’t aim to write a lot. Just write frequently. That way, you drown the fear and reluctance to actually write. You don’t know when you’re ready until you START. Start today (even now) to write something. Write without thinking. Then get on with writing consistent to living your writerly dream.


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