What To Do When Writing Stops Being Fun

Writing isn’t fun.

Did I just startle you?

Okay, I’ll rephrase. Writing stops being fun when you stop having fun doing it.

Ah, that’s better written (I guess).

A writer is like a musician (both are artists anyway). He gets inspiration, occasionally (or often) on the spur of the moment. And if he’s a committed writer (as I hope you are), he’s bound to understand this maxim to be true: All works do cost.

And writing is work.

So then, how does what cost become fun? How do you learn to approach your art and have fun doing it?

      Get Into the process

Ever heard of learning on the job? It’s the same way to go with writing effectively too.

How do you know it’s fun (or not) if you don’t attempt it?

As a kid, you never know how the roller coaster thrills until you get in it. You watch the other kids swirl around in that big thing and when they come down, they yap about how they saw stars and almost touched heaven. Like, nuts! You almost want to crack mummy’s feet that she never took you up there.

It’s the same with the stuffs that are before us. We never get to know what to expect until we step in the game. We don’t know what sucks till we take that step of faith. It’s a couple tweaks here, and few stumbles there, that bring us to know.

It’s getting into the process that gives us the clue to what’s to expect.

So what are you waiting for? Get in the process.


You’re scared. You’re unsure where the road ends. More so, you’re too scared to even ply this road because you’ve heard “you going to be so broke writing.”

Here’s a bit from Carol Tice’s story: Being a college drop-out was totally uncool. Then thinking of starting a freelance writing agency was, well, a crazy dream. Who’d want to listen to a college drop-out? And when she launched Make A Living Writing in the year 2008, it didn’t promise much…back then. But now? Check her out for the rest.

Here’s the drift I’m hoping you’ll get, when we attempt something greater than ourselves, we find we’re pushing the boundaries and there never was a limit except ones we created in our minds.

So get past yourself and push doubts, fear, uncertainty, whatever adjective qualifies that demon, out of the way.

You’ll never know what you’re capable of (or what fun is there to have) if you do not step out. It’s time you quit waiting for permission.

I’m a believer in this nugget. Because I quit on job-hunting and ‘dumbly’ opted for writing – full-time. Silly ol’ me, right?

Well, I couldn’t be having fun doing anything better. And more fulfilling.

Take this point home: Have fun writing small first….then take a dive in.

When you have conquered your fear and apprehension about starting this process of writing, it’s time you moved on to…

      Enjoy the process

It’s never was a destination. (Sorry I didn’t write it up earlier). No, it’s not. That’s why it’s called a process. And on the way to creating beautiful arts that will outlast you and most definitely make an impact on your audience (and the world), you’re going to pick up myriad stuffs you never thought to.

You’re going to be stabbed by critics. Some days (or even months) will be inundated by few or no comments on your ‘quality’ posts.

The book deal may not come soon.

The accolades and hypes and blah blahs may seem far-fetched.

The first client might just turn down your work.

Rejection slips might climb higher.

Realise that you signed up for this. And all that brought you to this (and which must keep you going) is, well, passion. Look on that quality and let it drive you on to continue.

If you thought getting into the game meant the rules will bend for you, em, sorry, but you thought wrong.

This is for real. Writing is 100% work as much as any other work. Regardless of what you’re faced with, it gets better as you continue to love the grind and stay on it.

Just have fun writing. And enjoy the process. Progress comes sooner than you expect. Just when you’re torn and unwilling to continue, realise you signed up for this, and if your dream is worth the fight, let the demon have it. Then as a reminder, know there’s going to be that victory you long for. And it’ll certainly come in bouts too.

Just. Keep. Loving. The Process.

Then look at yourself at the end of the year. Here’s what you’ll see: you’re a better, more effective writer (and a better you) than you were last year.

*Photo Credit: Madamenoire


Hi. I’m Yusuff Busayo, a Writer, Book-craze, Speaker (among other stuffs). I inspire people to Write, Create and Make Impact. Check out my about page for details about this blog. Or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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