Making A Difference In An Anti-Difference Nation

If making a difference with your work is all that you’re about, kudos to you. The earth needs more people like you.

This post documents my angst against the ethical and moral degradation that has befallen this country’s educational system.

As most know, the 2014 West African Examination Council exam commenced last week. I was privileged to come across something baffling yesterday.

It’s this site.

If you didn’t check it out then it’s all good. But here’s what it contains: answers to every paper on every WAEC examination day.

So, if Computer Studies exam is being written today, a candidate only has to visit the site, input the right password (which is made so visible on the site) and that’s it.

All answers (both for theory and objective questions) appear. It’s that easy to pass exam.

And so foolish to sell the future.

    What’s The Danger Of Malpractice

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

And I think he meant sound education.

If the country is besieged with terrorists and poor thinkers, and the economy continues to drag its feet, while unemployment rate clambers higher, it’s no wonder we found ourselves here.

How did we come to this?

The next question then will be: how did we live yesterday?

What foundations were laid? What things were put right and what were done wrong?

We are where we are today because of yesterday’s actions and inactions. Our forbears inaction and unwillingness to give due attention to resuscitating high standard of education crumbled the life out of our education (and other aspects).

The danger of malpractice can be seen in the poor thinking abilities of citizens, the constant churning out of graduates who do not even appear like they’d ever read a book.

A friend told me about a graduate for whom a banker had to use an interpreter to communicate his message. Because she couldn’t construct a simple sentence.

I know a couple graduates who do not even know what a CV looks like. Let alone be able to prepare it.

And so it clambers.

So I imagine then that if examination malpractice isn’t curbed or duly paid attention to (in this respect, killing this site), it shouldn’t be surprising that in few years time, there would be more terrorists, more robbers, more unemployed graduates who don’t even deserve the job anyway, and more lazy-asses who can’t think creatively.

If examination malpractice can wreck this havoc (and more), what’s your take on fighting it? How do we crush this site (and so many others like it)?

Share your comments below.

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