Make Each Day Count This Way

Here’s why we need to know that everyday is a blessing to be lived presently, because it builds us up and helps us appreciate the gift of life.

In wanting to build a great future for ourselves, often we get sucked in by a detachment from the present. And while our bodies live in the present, our minds live, in a manner of speaking, in the future.

Here’s what it results to: worry, anxiety, haste, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, irritation. This list is long. But here’s taking out some points.

Dissatisfaction is what results when we find no life in the work we love to do. When, for every moment we approach the writing desk (or any working desk for that matter), our thoughts are stayed on the kind of life we would have preferred: more written books, a bigger platform, myriad speaking gigs, and all sorts. These may often happen after comparison with another person who’s ‘had it made’ in this aspect.

But here’s what we steal from ourselves: the joy of the moment, the happiness that we could have gotten if only we’d enjoy the present we have at hand.

Happiness isn’t farfetched. You can learn to be happy all the time. It is a characteristic that can be lived in every moment of the day. How? Enjoy the moment. Be grateful for what you’ve got and put the worries of what you don’t have behind you.

We’ve got to quit being frenetic about the future and enjoy the moment.

I discovered recently that I’d spent most of my present moments living in the future. I would always think of what I’d do in future, set my plans in the future, think the future, obsess over the future.

Then I found I had too little time for anything meaningful at all. I had no time for building relationships. I never let my time be taken, not even by the right things. I had no time for anything that’s not ‘me’, ‘me’ and ‘me’. I was petulant, impatient, hasty.

In wanting to be diligent and create a future I would love, I found it was happening the other way round. I was working desperately impatiently hoping that the future I wanted would be just as planned. And like haste destroys many things, I missed many lessons – important life lessons that could’ve shaped me into a better person.

I was working, doing what I love, but I was frustrated.

Here’s what I learned from enjoying each moment:

If you take care of the things that matter now, you’ll never have to worry about the future.

To expand, if you learn to spend less than you earn, and save more, you’ll never have to worry about debts or finance hitches so much in future.

If you’ll treat everyone you meet and know with respect, love and accept them for who they are, find a level to relate with them without judging them, you’ll hardly ever have issues with relationships later in future.

If you diligently do the work that is in front of you now, removing all the rubbles (distractions, poor habits, procrastination, etc) that hinder you from being your best, you won’t have to worry about, say, poverty in future.

If you spend more time being about the business of improving YOU, you’ll hardly have anything to worry about in the future.

If you spend time being a better friend, a better lover, living sometimes off technology (smartphones, internet and the likes), making room for your mistakes, disallowing the fear of some unseen future, and you continually revel in the moment, your headache reduces. Your stress level becomes minimal.

And you’ll get off the rat race that the world has become overly entangled with.

*Image Credit: Flickr

What do you think? How do you enjoy your present moments and kick off worries? Share your comments below.


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