The World Does Not Need You To Do This

Photo Credit: Jessica

Photo Credit: Jessica

“The thing is, people who make a difference never wait for just the right time. They know that it will never arrive.” Seth Godin

It could happen today.

It could be later.

It could be in so many years to come.

Or it could never be.

What matters, what really matters, is that you do not prolong the attempt to make a difference.

It’s certainly a long wait to wait till tomorrow to begin living a life of impact.

You could wait till the time’s right, when you ‘feel just right’, when the money starts coming, when there’s no hitch, when all is perfect; till you begin. But then, you’ll be waiting so long.

Because perfect times never come. Perfect seasons are even an implausible wish.

But you can make each moment perfect. You can live each day renewed, fresh, and ready to kick some projects to fruition.


Maximise the moment. Start living today the dream you have in your head. Quit talking, start doing. Stop planning, implement!

Innovate. Create. Call out your Muse.

But please, pwwetty please, the world does not need you to sit on your butt waiting for the right moment.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

*Photo Credit:Jessica


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