Time to get this clear:

We all have got love for something.

Be it swimming, running, learning french, playing the guitar, writing, creating arts, web design, reading books, blah blah. We’ve got love for something. And most likely there’s a uniqueness that sets us apart from several others.

It’s time we quit screwing around and get to work on that till it becomes much more than the ‘some-thing’ it is.

It could be the salvation of another. Or probably the lifeline that draws a drowning person out of the water.

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”Anais Nin

By staying aloof, folding our arms while the ship sailing the world continues to rock, in the hope that it’ll steady itself, we play a joker card on the world.

It’s important to learn this: that what we’ve got is just enough for us to build upon, get better and improve upon, and that basically…it’s not meant to serve us alone.Click to tweet

It’s a self-centered and selfish life to undermine the development of your art; What makes you YOU. That’s what I refer to. It’s sheer wickedness, arrant nonsense, incorrigible dogshit to let go of that life and swim backwards, to a life of complacency.

What shocks us in the end is this: that we never really ate only our life away, we never only sabotaged our life’s destiny. But we plucked those of others living now, and worst still, generations yet unborn. Then we shuck them into nothingness, casting them in the stream of oblivion.

Not only our lives get washed away with the attempt at unfulfilled dream, ours and the persons next. Yes, not creating arts, not living out the calling you’re made to live directly affects that person you’re close to. Or imagine that Ben Carson never became a neurosurgeon. A couple siamese twins would have died siamesed.

Here’s the truth in basic: Get on with living out the dream in your head and watch others follow suit.

So you aren’t sitting on your butts anymore, not making excuses for not crafting beautiful stories. Neither are you sitting ducks, dilly-dallying upon when the right time is, to begin.

      You’ve Got To Be ‘Wrecked’

I saw this word in Jeff Goin’s book ‘Wrecked’. His definition of it kicked my guts up.

Wreck, for me, is colliding with the event that transforms you. An event that affects you so much you get up on your butt and lay off excuses to start living your dream.

What’s your wreck story? What’s occurred in your life that could be a lifeline for others?

You lost someone you love? Some folks do too, and they sure need encouragement. Wrap that up in good words and toss them online.

Or perhaps you’ve crashed into freelance writing and are making it huge in Nigeria. In lieu of being obsessed over having more competitors, sell your freelance writing tips on the web. You most definitely cannot handle the entire freelance writing opportunities in the Nigerian market. So share.

Moreover, in solving a problem, sharing tips and ideas, you get exposed to much more opportunities that wouldn’t have come if you’d held back. You create networks. You build relationships. You sell your services on a bigger scale. And if your tips and ideas rock the boat, you become a champion and sodding well begin to demand higher pay from your clients.

In living the life of our dream, we aren’t successes for ourselves alone, we create avenue for succeeding for others too.

“If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” Les Brown

Here’s what you’ll need to do: Start today to live your dream, take it one step at a time. For example, start to write the book (or whatever), beginning with at least 500 words each day.

*Photo Credit: 9smag

What’s stopping you from living your dream? How can you break the barrier and start living it today? Share your comments below.


Hi. I’m Yusuff Busayo, a chronic writer and a fanatic book-lover. Here, I share kick-butt insights to help you write, create and make impact. Check out what I offer on my about page. Or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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