Welcome To My Blog!

Hi. I’m Yusuff Busayo. I help young writers begin writing seriously and get them to become addicted to achieving their dream as an author, an entrepreneurial writer, or a die-hard creative.

I also inspire people to impact their world.

I help you make the most of your life by:

•Sharing my successes and failures.
•Offering you resources that will help you pursue your life dream.
•Spurring you to take responsibilities.
•Cheering you on to create more arts.

You’re welcome to my blog.

I’m a book lover and love making books; a Writer, and a couple other stuffs that involve creating.

This page gives a brief highlight about me and will answer some frequently asked questions.

Basically, I’ve been reading my whole life, and only started some five years ago to REALLY write. Writing seriously, as to begin calling myself a Writer and believing it, began recently.

I started this blog in 2014 after I discovered I had to stop waiting to be picked.

What I’ve found since the start of this blog is this: In rising from waiting to be picked, we far outshine our own expectations so much we blame ourselves that we didn’t start out earlier.

If you’re tired of excuses that stop you from achieving your authorship dream, or you’re bugged by a boring creative life, this blog is for you.

In the community of great minds where I find myself returning to often, I have found that only the unrepentant ignorant wait to get a ‘platform’ before they actually start living their dream.

It is on this platform that we battle the Resistance. Here, we unite to find fulfillment in the writing art and in our lives; we get to realise that even great achievers have the same struggles we wrestle with.

And they scaled through.

If you’re passionate about the writing art, creativity and making a difference, this blog is for you.

Usually, I publish two to three posts per week. Feel free to check in every week if you do not want to miss a thing.

My favorite blog posts

Here are some of the most popular articles on this blog (you can start here by reading these first):

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Blogs I read

Jeff Goins
The Renegade Writer
Seth Godin’s blog

Who Am I?

Born a Nigerian, I skipped job hunting after graduating from the university and began freelance writing, amongst other things.

In the university, I studied Civil Engineering (yes, I know. “And I’m a writer?”) and spent a whole lot of my time reading novels and scribbling while there. Having acquaintances with unrealised dreams and reading about aborted dreams unlocked a passion for serious writing, creativity and making impact in the world.

After five years of writing fiction, poetries and articles, and hiding them away for fear of any ‘pro’ seeing and condemning them, I stopped asking for permission and launched out. My first bold step being: starting this blog.

Now, I live in Lagos, spend more time behind my writing desk than I can ever imagine and look on to create the books I’ve always dreamed to.

To my claim, I have a couple novels, novellas, short stories, articles and over 600 poems. (Be the first to read my stories on request)

I write and guest-blog for magazines, publications, and blogs. To hire me to write for you, do use my contact information provided below.

I’m also a speaker, an entrepreneur, and a consultant. If you’re interested in inviting me to come speak or work with you, use my contact information below.

Connect with me

You can connect with me on this blog and also find me on the following social networks:

The Blog rules

I accept guest posts as long as it follows the rules of guest-blogging and it meets the standard of this blog. Be sure to send me an email if you have any need to guest-post.

Prospective guest-posters should however be informed that this is a personal blog and I don’t have so much space for guest contributors. Hence, post ideas must be kept to a minimum or better still be taken to blogs that make room for publication of more guest content.

I shall disregard all attempts to promote your blog post, website, service, or product on this blog. The internet permits so much caution and picking out what’s fake from the real thing is just time-wasting. Do forgive me.

You’re permitted to republish an excerpt of only 500 words or less from a blog post. You can as well quote me anywhere but I would much prefer that you create your own words. There’s room for more creatives.

For interview requests, please contact me via email, or +2347062408095.

Stay in touch

As I expect that this blog will incite you to create and go ahead to achieve your writing dream, please feel free to send me an email to share your experience. I’d love to read your mail.

Get regular updates by checking in often.


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