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How Living Outside The Box Will Help You Write For Real

This year, one of my goals is to write for pay.

Wham! There. I just told you.

And if you’re a writer and you’re yet to take your writing beyond practice, you’re sitting ducks.

What’d you plan for when you started out writing?

•To get your message heard.
•To find your tribe.
•To write for money.
•To get accolades (mind you, real writers don’t write for this).
•To increase your income.
•To attract a publisher’s attention.

These won’t happen, not unless you’ve quit writing for practice. Practice, especially ‘assauge-the-conscience’ practice, while it helps you get better at writing, stifles your ability to write for real.

        Writing for real

Here’s what writing for real really means:

•It means you’re getting your works outside the box and shipping
•It means you’ll been practicing with a deadline
•It means you’ll begin building your portfolio asap
•It means you’ll start writing for passion, and not really for results
•It means you’ll start pitching your pieces, and quit wishing clients will find you
•It means you’ll begin seriously to build a solid platform
•It means you’ll take guest-posting seriously
•It means you’ll start somewhere small to write the book you’ve always said you would
•It means you’ll start building relationships with people in your network
•It means you’ll stop waiting to be heard and step out to work
•It means you’ll quit screwing around and follow these tips

      How to land a book deal

Writing is all about showing up, I know. But it’s more about the message you’ve got, the audience who’s interested in the message, and how to get it to them. If these processes aren’t followed in their order, what makes you think you’ll join the ‘pros’ soon?Duh!

Shipping is what gets your work to the audience. It’s the same thing that gets the audience to come to you. (Tweet)

We all want the big break (like, I envisage it too). But here is the truth: it’s passion for the craft that spills into ‘big break’. It’s best, while the testing day stays off, that we begin taking seriously the art we’ve decided to embrace.

Art is work. It can be effortless. And so promising.

In lieu of being disillusioned and frustrated, stop practicing. Write what you know and share it. That’s all there is to get you started with making the life you’ve always wanted as a writer.

And that’s how you get the book deal. More still:
•That’s how you meet the clients
•That’s how you write for pay
•That’s how you build relationships
•That’s how you create network

When you’re found to be out there, doing your thing and building on it. Making your own mistakes, no doubt. But getting back up and demanding more feedbacks that get you on your butts and improved to get better at the craft, and capturing a wider audience’s attention, you’re getting close.

Getting better at writing is good. Writing effortlessly is better.

But sharing your works stand out the best.

      Fail…Then Succeed

Writers who are afraid of failure just do not know the truth already: you’re failing by not letting your message get across to the audience who needs it.

It’s what you make of the hitches, how you handle the steps, and learn to skip through mistakes, that fetch you your life dream.

Here’s the basic truth: I suck at marketing my blog. But I do it anyway. I’d rather spend more time writing, but I know I’m just going to have two readers on my blog soon (my spouse and I. My dog, maybe) if I do not market. If my writing, then, isn’t for practice, I’ve got to think of shipping – marketing my works – as the next work.

And you have to too.

        A Reminder

Stop practicing. Write deliberately.
Write what you know and share it.
Get feedbacks and build up through them. Do the work to get the thrills you want from writing.

*Photo Credit: Charlie Glickman

How are you living outside the box? What’s your method for making writing real? Share your comments below.


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Why Perfectionists Bore…And Perfection Offends

There’re three reasons why they bore.


They just can’t get away from it. It’s who they are (because they’ve chosen to be stuck with it). And as much as they want to get something out, it comes to them to infuse a little bit of perfection. Then when the time’s gone, they shove the work and move to another. ‘It can only get better as you try’, that’s the lie they grub.


Simple and short. They’ve chosen a better way to be who they are: bores. And what better way than to glaze around, hovering over nothing? It’s either in their blood or they learned it as a perfect ruse to steer clear of work. Or they’re just not go-getters who would rather poke fun at other’s imperfection. Perfectionists are perfect layabouts stumbling over all, and yet getting nowhere. Perfectionists, the negative ones, rarely create.


…So they make excuse for remaining somewhere. There’s got to be something that’s holding them down. There’s got to be a good reason for staying back. It’s the ‘writing that isn’t perfect’ yet, it’s the novel research that’s still underway, it’s just has to be ‘perrrfect’ before they step out.

And in the end, they become the dogs that bark when others have gone ahead. They become the Grammar Police who watch out for the slightest error in your work: typos, misspelled words, double negatives, etc.

If they’re going nowhere, then you who’s got somewhere in mind had better steer clear of them or better still, ignore them.

But don’t be them.

How do perfectionists bore? Leave your comments below.

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How To Stand Out…And Stay Out!

Weird! Nerd! Jerk! Those are often the words that come to mind when a person is simply…different.

He’s a glitch that must be taken away, a stain that’s indelible. He does differently what all does forward. He dares. He thrives when others falter. He shows up when it’s just right to be away. He scraps few hours off his sleep schedule just to work, work…and get the job done! He’s weird. He’s simply different.

He’s standing out.

And that takes effort.

The practice of doing what you love to do when you feel like doing it is simply plugging into a world of disappointments. No one gets far that does his work occasionally. And you don’t achieve a different result doing what you do the same old way that often produced poor results.

As I write this post, I’m mindful of the periods when I’d had to mismanage opportunities, never doing enough when I had all the time in the world. Times when writing projects were delayed and deadlines were missed. I frown at those times often.

And hold strongly to each moment now.

We live with the regrets or blessings of the choices of yesterday. (Tweet that)

And tomorrow cries for testimonies of great achievement from today. Yet they will never come if the price of standing out isn’t paid.

The line between the genius and the ordinary is the ‘extra’ the former attaches to his work. He does more than talk more. And I’ve learned overtime that talks are cheap.

The discipline of writing is simply sitting down to write. The discipline of getting anything done is getting down to do it.

    The principle of successful people is showing up when others don’t.

And really, successfully people are weird people, doing weird things and achieving, of course, extraordinary results.

The Secret of Standing Out…And Staying Out!

The status quo hates to be betrayed. But it feels good to leave it behind. Standing out and staying out takes effort. But should you choose to do more, to leave the status quo, you’ll be thrilled by the outcome. How then do you stand out?

Do what others won’t do. Or would do occasionally. What differentiates your result from everyone else’s is the extra that goes into your work. The extra inspection, the extra re-writing, the extra research, extra detail, and so on. Having tried this, you can also practice…

Showing up more often than you use to. All that writing is about is simply showing up. You appear by 5am everyday as planned, and you scribble. Days when you’re bereft of ideas and inspiration, you stay there and freewrite still. It’s the same with every other task. You’re respecting the craft and building discipline by sticking to your writing time. And you should also start…

Writing more instead of talking about writing. A 500-word-a-day strategy consistently implemented is better than a plan to write 20, 000 words ‘next month’.

And the weirder you become, the more successes you achieve. No limit is placed on a man that he isn’t privy to and he readily accepts. Almost all that limits each one starts from within, and when that ultimate battle is won, we can rest assured that limitations are but a stepping stone to great achievements.

And standing out truly makes the difference!

What plan do you employ in standing out? Share your comment below.

Yusuff Busayo is a Writer, Blogger,
Enterpreneur, and Speaker who’s got
unflinching love for books and book-making.
Here, I blog about Writing, Creativity, and
Making Impact.

“Bring Your Problems”

We’re much better doing what we love than what we don’t love.

In the end, when opportunities are explored, what makes men beat a path to our door is the prowess we exhibit in the task we’re simply ‘just good’ at.

So what works for one isn’t going to work for another. It’s in finding your path, cutting it to suit who you’re born to be, and living the life you’re called for, that gets the market to fight to get to you.

When the population finds a handful (and it almost always is a handful) who dedicate their lives to what matters and what works for them, the clamor ceases about how ‘what and what can be done’. Because here they come, the saviors who’ve discovered themselves and are tweaking successfully what all that are confused jostle after.

So what’s important in all these?

Find yourself. Find what you love and throw yourself into it; head through feet.

How do you set about finding yourself and doing what you love? Share your comments below.

Yusuff Busayo is a Writer, Blogger, Enterpreneur, and Speaker who’s got unflinching love for books and book-making. Here, I blog about Writing, Creativity, and Making Impact.